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Neck Lift

A facelift treats both the face and the neck simultaneously. In some patients, aging of the facial features occurs more quickly in the neck than over the face. These patients may then be good candidates for only a neck lift. The most important issue when considering a neck lift is to make sure the patient has minimal joweling. The jowels are the puffy or wrinkled areas of loose skin that occur on both sides of the mouth at the level of the jawline. When the jowels are large, they frequently extend below the jawline, creating an unnatural break in the normally smooth contour of the jaw that separates the face from the neck. Dr. Newman (Plastic surgeon, Temecula) does not recommend a neck lift if the jowels are prominent and rather opts for a facelift because a neck lift can make the jowels seem more prominent. Patients with neck laxity and joweling usually have other issues related to laxity and therefore are better candidates for a facelift which can greatly improve laxity and descended tissues and restore harmony to the facial physique.

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